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Duván López (Colombia 1954), painter, sculptor and poet, began his artistic activity in Colombia and from 1993 he undertook a period of trips that led him to exhibit in New York, Paris and Barcelona where from 1998 he fixed his residence . In 2008 he installed his workshop house in Besalú, a medieval town in Girona. In 2009 he promoted the MAQUI (Museum of Art of Armenia and Quindío) in Colombia with a donation of 50 works and that he is increasing annually.

In 2012, his first book "A look that incides" with his poems inspired by the natural parks of Colombia.

In 2016, he made a permanent artistic intervention in the Chapel of Sant Martí de Capellada, Besalú (12th century), Spain, currently without worship, creating a space for reflection, a secular chapel, where every year a music festival is scheduled classical and cultural events.

In 2017, the Shenguen Peace Foundation selects its sculpture "Chair of Peace" as its new face of the Luxembourg Peace Prize that are awarded annually at the historic seat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

He Gets the “Artist Award 2019” at the GBAF 2019 “Gimhae Biennale International Art Festival”, Korea, for his work “Calidoscopios”

In 2019, the Sala Duván is inaugurated in his hometown of Quimbaya, Quindío, where a museum space is projected.

Duván is a member of the "Real Cercle Artístic de Barcelona"


Art Reviews

Duván's work is not a work made from ingenuity, but from the touch of genius that very few artists are granted. Jaume Fábrega, art critic. Girona.

Duván is one of the few Colombian artists who will go down not only in the history of painting but also in painting itself, with Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and Luis Caballero. Harold Alvarado Tenorio, Colombian poet.

I haven't seen a painting like Duván's since Picasso. Marlenne Hoffman, Colombian artist and gallerist.

Duván is an artist with science and conscience. Master Gil Tovar. Colombian art critic.

Duván is to Colombia what Tamayo is to Mexico. Pepa Pombo, Colombian designer.

The communication of the artist's soul must transcend the soul of a country, and that is where the creative potential lies in Duván's work.
María Teresa Guerrero, Former Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá.