Salvador Sabater

Sant Feliu de Guíxols -1954. From a very young age he became interested in photography helping his grandfather who was a gallery photographer.
In 1975 he studied photography at the EMAV and made contact with relevant people such as Xavier Miserachs, María Serra or Francisco Rovira Beleta. He contributed to various publications. After a few years dedicated to other tasks, also creative, he returns to photography with digital photography. He currently collaborates with advertising agencies, decoration companies and has made several solo and group exhibitions.

... Technical facilities have given way to new photographers, but demanding photographers, photographers with capital letters that they seek, that they obtain from reality another reality: a personal and different vision that arises from knowledge and sensitivity. Without forgetting that this reality that is reflected on paper, was born from light and reflection, and from the mystery of a mirror that leaves a mark in which we can recognize ourselves and others.

Salvador Sabater is one of those photographers who belongs in his own right to the select group of those chosen.

Carlos Saura
(Film director and photographer)