Elizabeth kaufmann granda

He was born in Coina, in the Andes of Peru. His father, the doctor and surgeon Dr. Oswald Kaufmann, had emigrated to Peru where he worked as a rural doctor on behalf of the Peruvian government, and later founded a modern hospital to provide medical care to the local population.

It was his aunt who discovered his artistic talent. At age 12, Elizabeth dropped out of school to live by her own ideas and follow her artistic bent. At 17, Elizabeth went to live with her uncle in Germany where she resides to this day with her husband and her four children.

Although she has lived in Germany for a long time, Peru is still her emotional home and she travels there regularly to meet her sisters.
Despite the blows of fate caused by the early death of her beloved parents , the artist has preserved her joyful and vital vision of the world. She is grateful to her fate for giving her the opportunity to freely develop her love of art. Elizabeth Kaufmann Granda is self-taught and her favorite motifs are, as always, the eyes framed in women's faces that tell stories about life and the world that surrounds them.